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In 2016 and 2017, we are focused on the following priorities:

  1. Increasing the long-term impact of the partners
    A key element of an effective ministry strategy is having a solid, complete operational process in place, through which searchers can find their way to God and the local church/community. We have worked hard on introducing the ministry process within the local context of the various ministry partners around the world. But there is still work to be done to further strengthen this process in the various phases. We also believe we need to move our focus from decisions to focusing on real long-term impact.

We want to identify areas of growth and implement measures to improve the long-term effectiveness of our existing partners, to lead more people through the current ministry process to God and the local communities.

  1. Mobilizing individuals and training them to have the Jesus lifestyle
    In the ministry process, we see that the involvement, the testimony and the lifestyle of people following Jesus is crucial to lead searchers to God and to make the local/offline connection. Initial steps in this area have been taken, but we want to increase our efforts.

We want to mobilize multiplying disciples to reach their own networks and to involve them in the process of

  1. Lead more people into the process and expand into areas where we are not present
    net is working in lots of languages. But the whole process is not available in all online languages. Therefore, we want to expand our presence into areas where there is no or incomplete online ministry presence.

We want to actively expand the network to reach more people, with a specific emphasis on the Middle East, Africa and Asia.