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Alcune persone vedono la Bibbia solo come un antico libro di favole. Altri trovano ispirazione e vita in questo libro straordinario. La Bibbia non è solo un libro. È in realtà una raccolta di libri scritti in un periodo di 1500 anni da molti autori in diverse culture e lingue.

Psalm 23

It is perhaps the most famous psalm in the Bible: Psalm 23 about ‘The LORD is my shepherd’.

The woman at the well

Once Jesus was waiting at a well during a hot summer day. He encountered a woman there. Then he started talking to her…

Psalm 139

It might be difficult to know yourself. Knowing yourself is understanding the greatness of the Creator.

The denial of Peter

Jesus was arrested by the Roman rulers. Peter became afraid and denied that he knew Jesus.

Queen Esther

The story of Queen Esther shows how the bravery of one girl saved an entire nation!

Easter Morning

On the early Easter morning, Mary Magdalene is on her way to the tomb where they buried him.


Moses was there to release the Hebrew slaves in the name of the God of the Israelites.


This literary gem relates the story of a rebellious prophet who decides to flee to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is a Christian prayer that, according to the New Testament, Jesus taught as the way to pray.

The suffering of Job

Why is there suffering in this world and why does suffering happen to us? That might be the most unanswered question.